Saturday, March 3, 2012


 Cyber-shot is a line of digital cameras made by Sony. The first cyber-shot was made by Sony in 1996. The Cyber-shot range is known for its proprietary InfoLithium battery pack, the trademark Carl Zeiss lenses, and overall design. All Cyber-shot models have a DSC prefix in their names, which is an acronym for "Digital Still Camera".
All Cyber-shot cameras accept Sony's proprietary Memory Stick or Memory Stick PRO Duo flash memory. Select models have also supported(...)
 Compact Flash. Current Cyber-shot cameras support Memory Stick PRO Duo, SD and SDHC.
The current Line up consists of:
§  T series – These models offer high end features and have a slimline design.
§  W series – Made to be an all round digital camera.
§  H series – Aimed towards amateur photographers.
§  S series – Sony's budget line of cameras, usually have basic features such as face recognition.
Sony Ericsson, now Sony Mobile Communications also (as of 2012) had a line of mobile phones named Cyber-shot.

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